May 4th and 5th – Composite Materials Engineering


Featuring: The Composites Research Network

This MPN – Special Edition is comprised of four sessions over two days. You are welcome to attend any or all of the four sessions.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP to Suzana Topic as indicated in this Info Brochure

Day 1:
9am – 12pm: Introduction to composite materials “Which types of composites are right for my application?”
1pm – 4pm: Manufacturing processes “Which process is best for my application?”

Day 2:
9am – 12pm: Thermal management “How do I cure my parts properly?”
1pm – 4pm: Analysis and design “How do I predict the strength of my part?”

Location: Camosun College Interurban Campus,  Centre for Business and Access (CBA) rm-211,  Building 19 on this Campus map.

What is the MPN? The Manufacturing Professional’s Network is an informal group that meets to network and learn about manufacturing resources. It is hosted by CTAC, is free and open to anyone that acts in a management capacity in a manufacturing company. This particular meeting is of a technical nature and is open to the technical members of your manufacturing team. More info about the MPN can be found here.

More about this meeting: The four sessions are set up such that you can attend any or all sessions as appropriate for your organization. Day 1 is a great introduction to composite materials and manufacturing processes. It would be beneficial to those interested in learning what is involved in composites manufacturing. Day 2 covers processing and design in more detail and is considered to be at an intermediate level. This day would be beneficial to those that are already familiar with/currently involved in composites processing.

The presenters will be Christophe Mobuchon, PhD, Casey Keulen, PhD, PEng, and Navid Zobeiry, PhD collectively have a broad range of experience in various aspects of composite materials ranging from industrial and research manufacturing, part and material design, and material characterization. They have developed and will be presenting the sessions.

Profiles of the presenters can be found here:

Christophe Mobuchon
Casey Keulen
Navid Zobeiry

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