3D Scanning

Utilizing two different 3D scanning technologies, we can capture real-life objects as digital 3D models. With a surface point accuracy of 50 microns, every subtle detail is captured. 3D scanning has a broad range of applications that includes a having a reference to design around, restoring lost CAD files, manufacturing verification and quality control, and impressing the pants off a lady friend. Our scanning technologies include an LMI 3D Solutions HDI Advance and a Creaform MetraSCAN CMM system.

The HDI Advance is a structured white light scanner, exceptional for small-scale desktop scanning and organic forms. This unique system will scan objects with a lot of surface noise, like hair, unlike any other high-accuracy scanning system. We highly recommend the use of this system when designing human interface devices.

The Creaform MetraSCAN uses a combination of infrared optics and lasers, with the ability to dynamically switch between static and dynamic scanning modes. This system is equipped with advanced marker technologies, handheld scanning, and probing capabilities for the highest-accuracy coordinate measurement, verification, and reverse engineering.

What can I expect?

Depending on your needs, we can provide polygonal, surface, or full parametric data. For 3D animators and 3D printing enthusiasts, a polygonal-based STL or OBJ file will provide you with a high-detail mesh compatible with the majority of software suites. For designers and engineers, you can choose between a collection of surface bodies in an IGES file, or we can go ahead and model the results for you in SolidWorks and export according to your needs.